[HOWTO] Running JACK (jackdmp) on Windows:

1. Go to jackdmp page (http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html) and download latest version of jackdmp and qjackctl.
as of this moment, jackdmp's latest version is 0.62, the version may be newer.
2. Uncompress two zip files.
3. Copy all files and folders in jackdmp_0.62\bin\windows\ folder
to another folder (ex. c:\program files\jackdmp\ ).
4. Copy qjackctl.exe and qt-mt3.dll in qjackctl folder to the destination folder above.
5. Download the tool files (http://www.pighouse.net/~tbri/jackdmp_win32_tools.zip) and copy all files in the zip file to the destination folder above.
6. Run jackrouter_install.bat to install JackRouter ASIO Driver (run jackrouter_uninstall.bat to uninstall).
7. Run list_devices.bat from the destination folder and a notepad window containing device information will be there for you.
(If the process don't seems to finish in more than 30 seconds or 1 minutes, press Ctrl+C to terminate jackdmp and press N to let the batch file continue to run notepad).
8. Check the result and find your prefered device name. (ex. ASIO4ALL v2)
9. Run qjackctl from the destination folder and press "Setup" button.
10. Set "Server Path" to: StartJackdmp "ASIO4ALL v2"
(Change the device name to your preference)
11. Press OK to close setup window.
12. Now qjackctl should be able to control jackdmp. Press "Start" in qjackctl to start jackdmp.
13. You can run your ASIO audio software and use JackRouter ASIO Driver to let it process audio from JACK. Click "Connect" button in qjackctl to change audio routing.
13. To stop jackdmp and qjackctl, jackdmp window should be closed first, then press "Stop" button in qjackctl. Press "Quit" to close qjackctl or press "Start" to start jackdmp again.
14. You can create a link to qjackctl and place it on your desktop.


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