Just tried T1M Mini Buffer, Mini Preamp and Mini True Bypass Box before this week’s church service. They are really awesome! Thanks Dan for these great pedals!

First for the Mini Buffer, which is exactly what I need. I need it to deal with the tone loss problem due to long cable and many true bypass pedals in the effect chain. The Mini Buffer solved my problem perfectly. Thanks to his Mini True Bypass Box too so I could easily compare the effect. I compared the tone with the whole signal chain between the guitar and the amp bypassed and I just couldn’t notice any tone difference. It is really wonderful.

The second is the preamp. I think it is great to be used to replace a minimum-gain and always-on clean booster. I am using a Xotic EP booster in this way after my drive pedals. I compared the Mini Preamp with EP booster and I found out that the Mini Preamp provides even wider and brighter tone than EP booster. The tone from EP booster is relatively softer but I think the bottom end from two pedals are very similar. (My EP booster should be in factory settings.. DIP switch bright on, bass boost off). I highly recommend the Mini Preamp to the players who wish to make their tone more beefy and present, since the Mini Preamp has an even smaller footprint than EP booster and of course has a lower price too :)

Thanks Dan again for his wonderful pedals! :)


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